Report from the Swiss National Fun Event

Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015

The teams are set, one person from each team, blindfolded, is walking to reach his teammates guided by their voices screaming at his name…What am I talking about?

The Swiss National Fun Event of course!

This is just one of the many games played by 40 Swiss Rotaractors that gathered together on October the 3rd 2015.

The day, filled of activities, fun, friendships and networking, scrupulous organized by Rotaract Club Mitteland has been without any doubt a great success for everybody who took part of it.


The location that welcomed all the Rotaractors coming from different parts of the county was a forest lodge in the small Windisch in canton Aargau.

The program was divided into four main parts: minigolf, aperitif, game challenges and cheesy dinner.

This day was overall a big opportunity for all the Rotaract Clubs of Switzerland to strengthen their relationships, build new ones, present themselves personally and learn from eachothers.

Learning and celebrating, two of the three main principles of this international family called Rotaract, came together during this event.

Rotaract is known for many different values, for instance for its team spirit, for the free exchange of ideas, for its fun part and for the communication in between the members.

Well, these are for sure the goals brought together at the end of our National Fun-Event.

If the minigolf was a warm up to get to know the others, the game challenges and quizzes bonded together Rotaractors from different Clubs in order to make them grow acquainted.

The concluding dinner was for sure not an ordinary one and the way it was performed allowed us all to interact more. Everybody knows that cheese fondue is a Swiss typical dish right? Well imagine now two huge pots with hot melted cheese, rotaractors wearing colorful aprons with pockets where to place bread chunks and very long forks…here you go, this was our unconventional fondue dinner served in a very original way.

Sharing, laughing, playing, team and friendship building, this is how the Swiss National Fun Event can be defined. Looking forward to the next one!

Veronica Vivarelli

Rotaract Club Zürich